What It Was Like Attending RSD World Summit 2019

First of all, everything went as expected. If I can social hack my way into EDC or The Billboard Awards 2019 then I can always game my way into a small event such as RSD World Summit. As I wear this little blue band that says “Real Social Dynamics” there are a few things I can say both positive and negative reviews about RSD.

I didn’t go with a learning mindset. Strictly to network for Alpha Pickup but that doesn’t mean I was close minded. I listened to what some of the speakers such as Adam Lyons and RSD Luke were talking about but when it came to RSD Sarah, man was that cringe…

She was talking about all of the emotions that evoke responses in other people

  1. Happy
  2. Surprise
  3. Anger
  4. Contempt
  5. Disgust
  6. Sadness
  7. Fear

But she failed to mention THE MOST IMPORTANT emotion when it comes to dating or pickup…


Yeah, sarah you evoked me to facepalm. That just shows you that her content is just watered down and she probably just needed filler content for the plug she had at the end. I dipped out because her talk was mostly about the fear of rejection and I low key wanted her to heckle me as I was walking out as some speakers do. Apparently she doesn’t have the personality to do.

Next, I saw Luke, whom I have a past with. RSD Luke and I were about to start a company together back in 2013ish called Elevated Pickup. But he ventured out to RSD because it was more established and branded. I myself split off because I wanted to build my own empire, now known as Alpha Pickup!

Luke’s talk I took a few pointers, his social status has clearly only gotten bigger since the last time him and I went out together. He gave me a shout out at the end of his talk, mentioning that he’s known me for 7 years and if he dipped out of vegas for a few years and came back he could hit me up and we would be partying together in some DJ booth somewhere which is true.

The next 2 days I missed out because I am a Las Vegas local and I have adulting to do. Not that I wanted to see RSD Derek talk anyway. I’ve seen him give talks, a few even at my events I’ve held and I did not subscribe to his advice at all.

A few years ago, I was going through a breakup and I asked RSD Derek “What is your way to get over a girlfriend?” his response was angerly saying “fuck 3 girls in 24 hours and realize she’s not a special flower.” though it got the crowd to laugh, I feel like it is more complicated than that. I know this because I have done that before and it just did not work, before and after he gave the advice to me. 

The problem with the RSD World Summit 2019 is that it starts late and ends late. Every night it ends at like 11pm which is not enough time for me to get home, get ready and hit the club. Comp VIP tables in this city end at around that time so it’s one or the other. Since they insist on taking our phones before we watch the speakers talk, it makes it harder to set up my comp tables and reach out to girls for the night. 

And also me just working on my phone… fuck!

All and all, I talked to the RSD fan boys as I do every year and they seem happy and good for them but I don’t think they see the next level that RSD doesn’t provide.

Yeah, they can help you build social awareness, teach you meditation woo woo, help your state or even Luke will teach you tactical stuff on how to value arbitrage. But Do they offer the value for free when you take one of their bootcamps?

I interned for RSD years ago and come to find out that they don’t!

That’s why at Alpha Pickup, we give you VIP and teach you the game. Lots of guys ask me on a bootcamp “okay, now that we are in line with all of these girls, how do I DHV (Demonstrate Higher Value)?”

“You’re in the VIP line, you already have the leverage and the value. If anything, just talk about how this line is too long or that you don’t know how you got this VIP table but you fell into it.”

A moment of awe and wide eye shoots across their face.

Yeah, it’s that easy. Take a 3 day bootcamp with Alpha Pickup and pickup women faster with instant value. You wont regret it.

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Nate D

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