JT Tran PUA Review AMOG Series ep 1 by Alpha Pickup


JT Tran, a cringy beta male. Here we are in 2019 and I wanted to make a video on this guy and his ability to pickup women.

I’ve had the privilege to meet JT Tran a few times in Las Vegas and each time has been a disappointment. He was condescending and brushed me off. Not that he deserves the criticism i’m going to give him in a few minutes because of that but because of his actions.

I saw him making out with fat chicks, then he took pictures with better looking women then posted the pictures on facebook posing with the girl he DIDN’T close. I personally saw him groping and making out with fat women inside of XS Nightclub in Las Vegas Halloween night of 2018 while he was running an ABCs of Attraction bootcamp.

It looks like he paid very little attention to his students while he stayed at his VIP table that his students bought him and he just sat there next to a fat cow and drank.

jt tran asian playboy abcs of attraction


jt tran asian playboy abcs of attraction

Disgusting, not only was JT Tran setting a poor example for his students by the women he was around but he was not directing them in any way. He just kicked back and just “hung out” with them while they brought girls back to the table. But here is the thing…

Why go to the club and get a table THEN recruit women to your table when most of the good looking women will be in VIP already? That is the point he fails to see. Instead he instructed his students to pickup to normie girls and bring them back to the table. The students could have done a much better job. But i do not blame the students. I blame the instructor. JT Tran is a rip off and I’m proud to be exposing him.

When you take a Las Vegas Alpha Pickup bootcamp and we get a VIP table, the girls you invite to my table will have to pass my “look test” to see if they are “table quality” it’s just how it is. I do not want any ogars drinking out of my bottles. I do not want a snorlax eating my lemon wedges. Only attractive women. And for good reason, I also don’t want you to settle for anything less than you deserve.

And for that reason is why our last Las Vegas Alpha Pickup Bootcamp we ended up with 15 girls and 5 guys, (only instructors and students). It is a massive experience that the men pay for. I’m sure the students all night don’t want to be running around the club gaming girls and trying to bring them back to the table. But instead have the comfort built up to the point where the girls won’t want to leave your table and you can keep gaming them.

JT Tran, as I also pointed out in his video claimed not to learn how to pickup women from a white dating coach. How racist can he be? Imagine me, as a white guy saying that about Asian or black dating coaches. I would rightfully be labeled as racist. He keeps his student’s in beta mode where he says there is something wrong with them then he tries to fix them, but you can’t change your race.  You can change your personality over time. But JT Tran doesn’t see it this way. He would rather keep that recurring money. What trash JT Tran is.

JT TRAN’S rebute. So even though my video has been out for a while. Yesterday i stumbled across a video by JT Tran titled “Should Alpha Pickup Artists Show Vulnerability?” Which was a misleading title because I thought it was clearly about Alpha Pickup, my company. But then again, he never once mentioned me. Which if i was him, I wouldn’t either. He would be digging his own grave because it would further my first point in the video I made of him which was he uses SEO to bury and out rank people trying to expose him. Just after that video he released a few more to try and cover up his own tracks by having one of his beta male ABC Of Attraction coaches on video talking about “why am i so motivated to help asian men fight against racism?” where this beta male Captain Daniel Hyun talks about how asians are oppressed. With the little sob story he gave, you can replace “asian” with any other race and the story would still be the same. They use “asian” as a selling point to trick you into their niche marketing. Do not fall for this obvious shit.

I ended up making an instagram post and tagged @Jt_Tran1 on instagram where my Youtube Thumbnail appeared on his timeline all day without his knowledge. Kind of funny because it was on him having a pig nose. It’s those small things that I know about social media that others just don’t know. JT Tran you are a loser than needs to be exposed.


jt tran asian playboy abcs of attractionjt tran asian playboy abcs of attractionjt tran asian playboy abcs of attractionjt tran asian playboy abcs of attraction


JT, if you’re going to teach your students to step up their game, maybe you should step up your game first.

Nate D

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