How To Talk To Women In 2019

Society changes, psychology doesn’t; that being said, Its crazy when AFCs and other aspiring pickup artists and shamefully dating coaches think that talking to women never changes. It does!

What worked in 2005 back when The Game by Neil Strauss was published won’t all work now 14 years later. Although it has a good story line, that is the only reason why I would recommend reading it now. It is more or less a history book at this point.

So what actions should you take to get better at talking to women? Well first of all going out and approaching women is by far the best way to learn. That bit of advice has not changed. If you are looking to improve your chances of anything then you need to take action.

Be more efficient. In 2019 its easy to walk to women. Why make it hard on yourself? Go to environments with lots of people and socialize as much as possible. It is the easiest thing in the world once you are out to just lean over and ask how someone is doing or to initiate conversation with a girl. Women are so easy to talk to. For most guys, they just get stuck in their own head, especially if they got suckered into believing they are an AFC or have approach anxiety. I’ll cover in a future post why I believe Approach Anxiety is a hoax.

Don’t like bars or clubs? Hey, I get it. I don’t either sometimes but I go there because that is where all the women are to talk to. But If you really dread it, you can check out apps such as or if you live outside of the united states. Hell, even Facebook now days has events you can check out, join some groups – be more proactive, you have all of the tools in your hand right now.

Build your social circle via social media.

Social Media has changed. Back in times of The Game we had Myspace… Think about it. Now in 2019 instead of grabbing the phone number, half time time it is better to get her favorite social media – I say her favorite because I believe you should be on most of the big ones (please don’t game women on Twitter haha).

In 2019 to keep a woman’s attention in the world of guys at her disposal via Tinder and Instagram you should have downloaded and active on Whatsapp (if you’re living in a high tourist city), Instagram, Facebook and yes, even Snapchat. People still use it. I post on Snapchat in 2019 and I still get well over 200+ views on every single snap.

We didn’t have these things years ago, but think about it. Nobody texts anymore, its clunky – picture quality is better via Whatsapp, you cant send quality videos half the time, texts split up into 2 or 3 if you don’t have iMessage and you’re using emojis. You can’t see if they have seen your text and ignored it. Face it, get on social, you can never go wrong with grabbing her Instagram. Just make sure when you do, you get her to follow you back. Pending messages from people who you are not following are hard to see. Grab the phone number for more of a personal thing.

You can also run game on women by posting on social media and keep them in the loop. Put women on your back burner for when you want a booty call, women watching your story is how you keep them hooked. The internet is everything now. Learn how to run proper social media game.

That is what I wanted to address when it comes to talking to women in 2019. It comes down to just putting yourself out there. Go out, approach women, use SOCIAL media to your advantage. Don’t post daily selfies, instead aim for more thoughtful pictures for your Facebook and Instagram and you’ll do great!

Nate D

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