How to Get in Las Vegas Nightclubs for Free

Getting into Las Vegas nightclubs is very easy. You don’t need good looks or a strong Instagram following or an image like you do in other cities like Los Angeles nightclubs. But what you do need is some sort of connections.

As a former nightlife promoter in Las Vegas for 6 years and well over 7,500 phone numbers in my phone I can tell you connections in Las Vegas is key to getting into places. Luckily you don’t need a crazy contact list like me. All you really need to do is walk around the strip in the day time and have some sort of common sense. Most of the time not even that!

What is a Las Vegas Club promoter or host?

The promoters make money per person that walks through the door, which after the night is over and club tallies up and pays commission. So it is in their best interest to get you into the club and make sure you have a good time. A Las Vegas nightclub is the guy that sells or sets up the VIP table service.

Okay, so there are some third nightclub promoter apps like Discotech you can download and get on some Las Vegas guestlists but let me explain why this is one of the few instances doing things online is definitely NOT the way to go.

First and most importantly, it is never a sure thing. These third party websites and apps like Discotech and NoCoverNightClub may sound so much more simple because “I don’t have to deal with people.” they mess up on the details, a LOT.

When you mean a real promoter that works directly for the nightclub such as Hakkasan and Omnia they will know last minute details their managers tell them. Maybe the club decided they would cut the guestlist short to 12am instead of 1am. The promoter will let you know. Maybe they will send you to another club because the one you want to go to will be too packed and they know you wont have fun waiting in line for 3 hours. Maybe they want to let you know to go to another club, even a competitor Las Vegas nightclub just to try and keep you as a client!

Going through a third party thing like Discotech or NoCoverNightclub you don’t get that one on one relationship to flourish into a possible comp table, and they don’t let the users know when a DJ cancels or how long of a wait the line is.

But wait, there is more…

Yeah, you might get more texts which can get annoying – You would text more too your job was on the line to get as many people into one place as possible. But you also get a lot better incentives like in house promoters and hosts can sometimes offer free drink tickets or as mentioned earlier, free VIP service.

So where do you find promoters? Basically everywhere in Las Vegas. Especially on the strip in the day. They will be walking around or standing in one spot staring away at their phones or clumped up talking to each other in all of the busy spots. They will be wearing their venue’s clothing.

Drai’s hosts wear white polos and hats that say Drai’s

Hakkasan wears their ж

Omnia with it’s Δ

Jewel, they tend to wear maroon polos you can spot from Fremont.

1Oak wear black polos that say 1Oak and you gotta feel bad for them because it gets to 126°

Marquee and Tao, hard to spot because they normally wear street clothes and actually never really on the strip.

Wynn Social promoters such as XS, Intrigue and Surrender / Encore Beach Club are pretty much the same, they can sometimes be wearing grey polos that say Wynn but they sometimes just dress like fuck boi promoters.

Inside the casinos, the promoters will wear suits, this is due to hotel policy.


WARNING: Watch out for scammers! No promoter will ever ask for money or a tip. You should not offer them money or a tip. There are some scammers with made up company names that claim to be a third party try and sell open bar wristbands and they look very legitimate. This is a straight up scam. Las Vegas Guestlist is always a free service. If you have to pay any fee at any club it will be at the door of the club or on the official website.

There are some club crawl guys walking around like LA Epic that are legitimate but you are reading this blog to get in for free, right? They offer to “skip the long line” but in reality if 100 sign up to their club crawl… Someone is waiting in a damn line. These club crawl guys will even flaunt that you will go to several clubs to see all the top name DJs but all performers in Las Vegas, Yes, ALL main performers in Las Vegas don’t go on till 1am. And you’ll start go to several venues and miss out on pretty much all of them. Not worth it in my opinion.

But with all that being said, if you don’t want to wait in a line in Las Vegas it is best to build a strong relationship with the nightlife industry here in Las Vegas. Want to learn how to do that and start crushing it with comp bottles and tables? Take a 3 day bootcamp with Alpha Pickup. You’ll learn how to do all of that and more. You’ll learn how to pickup women and you’ll learn how to get comp tables. You’ll learn how to be the alpha male and start scoring 10s.

Nate D

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