How to Get Comps in Las Vegas: Guide to Bottle Service & Dinner Comps

First of all, if you’re a woman reading this just stop now. This article is mostly for the men. Sorry ladies.

What is a comp in Las Vegas? It is what makes Las Vegas go around. A comp table is free VIP service used to make the club look like its doing well. It helps the venue sell more tables because people get jealous which is why comps are usually handed out to groups of attractive women. Comp tables usually come with 1 bottle of vodka and some mixers. Anything after that is all extra. Not bad, lots of social proof for guys to start taking women to.

I bet reading the title of this blog you’re sitting their rubbing your hands like Mr. Burns from the Simpsons because you may have just struck goal. You probably want to milk this city for what it’s worth and I don’t blame you. This city will treat you well if you treat it well first.

If you are just a stuck up hoe or act entitled then the hosts will just laugh at you. Comp tables are ALWAYS to benefit the clubs and there is always someone to give a comp to. I’ve given away plenty of tables and I’ve sold table service up to $50,000 (which is chump change to what I’ve seen) and I have also partied at countless VIP tables. So I speak from experience when I write this blog.


Some promoters and most hosts can set up what is a “comp table” for people they deem worthy. Me, as an ex promoter and ex VIP host, I am an asset because I am what they call a “feeder” a person that sends my residual clients to the promoters and hosts in exchange to them hooking my up by skipping the line, extra drink tickets, and those juicy comp vip tables and comp dinners.

Side note: It is much easier to get comp service in the winter when the clubs are slow and not many people go. Summer it is really hard because Las Vegas is really busy so the clubs would rather sell the tables then give them out for free. Holiday weekends are damn near impossible, don’t even ask your host or promoter.

So, you as a non promoter. What can you do for them? Most likely, you can start by meeting a few of the promoters and hosts and networking with them. Hosts and promoters hand their phone number out like candy so that will be easy. Next, either tell them you work for another club and you want to network or tell them you’ll send them groups of girls. You can even use a line like “I have a group of girls coming in next week, I’ll have them reach out to you to get into your club.” and that is when you are value in their eyes because they see you as a potential friend or business partner. Obviously what you should do after that is start meeting more women and start shoveling them their way. You can even ask how to get a comp. Not every venue will offer comps to guys but being the middleman in Las Vegas is definitely how to be the exception to the rule.

See, women they can get comps pretty easy. Back when I promoted some venues (which I will not say which venue out of respect of the venue) I was explicitly told to only give comp tables out to above average attractive women. Specifically, 9s and 10s. Which how I ended up meeting my wife Galina Schroeder (Galina Ezhova). I invited her and her friend to my VIP table which made gaming her so much easier and we fell in love.

That being said, ONLY bring attractive women to your comp table. I can’t stress this enough, you will stop getting comp tables if you bring some nasty looking dragons to your table. This goes for any club in Las Vegas if you want to get comps. Think of it this way, you’re in Las Vegas, a very abundant place where extremely attractive women, models, porn stars, and actresses go to have fun. There should me NO REASON why you can’t find some women that are attractive to join you for free table service.


Don’t wait for last minute. That can be trouble. If you set up a comp but still need women to join you so you start trying to meet women in the lobby of the hotel – Don’t. We know your tricks, hotel security and the club security, if they see you they might think you are a promoter working for another company try to ban you from that hotel and throw you out. I know because I have done it plenty of times. I have gotten lots of people banned. Also, you are technically stealing clients from promoters they put on their guestlist. Not exactly the best way to build a relationship with that club.

If you are lacking female friends in Las Vegas I suggest going out consistently, meet locals or even day game at the day clubs or Miracle Mile or around Planet Hollywood and meet attractive women walking around. Find out if they are cool, build some connection with them, then invite them. Don’t do the rookie mistake of approaching women and right off the bat saying “hey girls, want to come to my comp table at XXXX?” Sure, that might get them to go to the club with you but the caveat is they will take an advantage of your resources, show up, drink, be stubborn and leave your bottles dry. Believe me, This happens more often than not if your opening line is “I have a table tonight.” build that connection, they will stay all night if you do it right.

After talking to the girl / group of girls for a minutes i’ll bring it up like “hey, you know… I have a table tonight at XXX. You girls seem pretty cool, want to join me and a few of my friends?” This doesn’t put the girls on a pedestal and it seems so much less needy but still adding massive value. That is a proper invite.


just because you get a free table doesn’t mean you shouldn’t tip your waitress. The suggested tip is at least $20 a person. That is the industry standard but what you’re looking at is usually a $1,000 minimum for the table so pull as much money as you can to tip your waitress heavy. The more you tip the more likely you are to get more comps in the future and it helps out the venue and your host or promoter. Do not be a douche and tip your waitress.


Not much to add, some nightclub companies that also own restaurants offer this too to help drive traffic to their club after. Just asked your host or promoter how to get one, ask more than one because some will be open to setting one up and others it is a burden on their hands and just tell you they cant when in reality they can.

That is the bulk of it. It comes down to adding more value to the clubs than what you get in return. I can’t stress this enough. Always be giving as much as you can. When I see a promoter on the strip, if he is next to a CVS or Walgreens sometimes I’ll even offer to buy them an Arizona or a quick snack. In the winter I’ve even I put myself on guestlists just to get checked off for my friends because it is really hard to promote during the holiday season because no one is on vacation raging it up in Las Vegas.

Nate D

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