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DJ Fuji you’re about to really hate me.

I tagged the guy on Facebook with that. It wasn’t long before he blocked me. But that is okay because I don’t have a liking for bullies either. This guy, although I do not know him personally, I decided I would do a review on him. I did extensive research on the Tao of Fuji and do a deep dive to see weather it is worth taking a bootcamp or working with DJ Fuji at all.

I did about 2 weeks of research before I shot my video, I watched videos. I talked to previous students and I was really taken back by what I have learned. Not many good things were said about DJ Fuji. 

It seemed like the students that did think he was versed in his skill, had none themselves and had little to compare too. They seemed like they were brainwashed and tried to rationalize them being abused by this lifestyle coach that put on a shock collar on them by saying “It wasn’t the worst feeling in the world.”

Seriously, a shock collar: I could see someone making a joke or even using it on themselves thinking Pavlov’s dog techniques are effective but if you even do the research behind shock collars you will find punishment for bad behavior  is much less effective than rewarding for good behavior.

The humility, Think of it this way. A guy is already feeling less of a man because he cannot attract women and you’re adding to it by strapping a shock collar on them. Even if it is just an experiment, it is disgusting and disrespectful to the students.

Cringe: Something I didn’t bring up hard enough in the video at the part he was with Jessica. His tonality when he said “Jessica is really good at flirting, even when she doesn’t mean to flirt.” It seems like he said that in reaction to her rejecting him earlier. And her reaction is exactly what you would expect after he brings it up on video.

DJ Fuji ruined my video: In his last few videos with Jessica, he edited the videos in a way to make Jessica look bad. Such as when he brings up the “500lb Jessica” he photoshopped Jessica’s face onto a morbidly obese woman that popped up in the corner. I did not edit that in my video. Did he do that as a ‘neg’ because she friendzoned him? Was that his a way to break rapport? I noticed in all of the videos of Jessica and Fuji, all of the video edits and were of Jessica and seemed like a ‘neg’ or trying to bring her down in some way, such as mentioned above. None of his ‘edits’ were self deprecating to “level the playing field”.

Lots of content: I had lots of content I wanted to cover, I also had lots of testimonials I wanted to bring up but 20 minutes is a long video and I wanted to keep it entertaining enough so people stay tuned in and watch till the end. If I just read out screenshots, as accurate as it might be, it doesn’t sound entertaining. This review was made entertaining as well as accurate as I could portray DJ Fuji with the extensive research I have done on him.

Testimonials: included below is a testimonial of a Tao of Fuji student that wanted to remain completely anonymous and didn’t want to be interviewed on the phone.

Hey man,

Here’s some reviews I got. I attached the main one that covers all the main points. The same points are present, DJ Fuji is abusive, coercive, he rules by fear, he yells at his students for no reason. The main point is learning with DJ Fuji will give ANYONE low self-esteem.

Main Review

Alright man, this review pretty much nails everything in a very detailed manner, I could get the other reviews but they are repeat the same points in less detail.

He doesn’t go out anymore and just trains his 2-3 guys most who are are completely brainwashed and have a hard time doing basic stuff like isolating girls.

Most of the students are not getting any results

I’ve seen students going out every weeks, months and years and getting no results. DJ Fuji keeps telling them that the whole point of pick up is  to never be alone again; and not to get laid. Yet, there are guys who have been in the program for years and they still struggle with basic stuff like talking to groups. DJ Fuji will counter this by saying that everyone has different challenges and that they are starting from a much different place. However, he is being disingenuous in that if he truly wanted to help them he would set clear goals with DEADLINES. He’s motivation is much more financial than altruistic as he tries to portray it.

I talked to a bunch of  Ex- DJ Fuji students and they said they were getting inconsistent results and that’s why they left to train with other coaches. I’ve even met the most advanced student(who’s now a coach) in LA and he was bad, a bunch of Asian girls just walked past him and talked with me even though he had trained with Fuji for 6 years. Fuji told him that results don’t matter instead what matters is to do mindless drills and keep on going out.

DJ Fuji is a extremely close-minded person and this will harm your creativity and self-esteem

Multiple times I told DJ Fuji how I managed to pull a girl by re engaging. He got furious at me since he told me I wasn’t supposed to re-engage. He said this was for more “advance guys” and I wasn’t ready. I call him out and told him that I was here to learn game and wanted to try things that would work for me. He said I was a bad student and it would take me years to learn. All of these were lies since I managed to get laid only a few months later. Again, I would say that I got better despite his advice not because of it. All his advice did was harm my self-esteem since I started doubting myself, when later I realized that I was right all along. I didn’t realize this at the time since DJ Fuji attacked my character, if at any point anything went wrong either with girls or in my life it was always my fault, and I should feel ashamed because of it. If I complain Fuji would tell me, I lacked personal responsibility. Later I realized this was a shaming tactic to make me doubt myself and not think for myself. Overall, I really don’t think someone who has issues with social skills should have to endure a abusive guy like this who is there to make you feel worse with the whole purpose of making you stay in his program for years.  

DJ Fuji plays favorites and treats everyone else horribly even his own coaches

Fuji has 3 top students (at least when I was there) ***, *** and *** who have trained with him for 6 years. Everybody else for him is secondary. He’s become an expert at using shaming, intimidation and fear to make sure everyone keeps in line. Darren Fuji says he acts like this was because of his military background and it is his way of showing ‘tough love.’ However,  there are other coaches in the industry who are ex-military guys yet they don’t engage in constant psychological abuse. It’s common for him to use yelling (WTF), insults (you are a fucking idiot), threats (I’ll kick you out of the program if you don’t do what I say), bullying (when the fuck did I tell you to do that) and isolation.

Darren Fuji keeps his group secret on fb, you can’t leave reviews neither on his website nor on his facebook. Once you leave the program he’ll block you from it. He operates it like a cult he does not let his students interact with ANYONE else in the industry neither other coaches nor other students. He claims he does this since everyone else is an “amateur” and only though him you will reach enlightenment. I even seen him try to isolate one student from his family. This student family asked why was it that the student had trained with Fuji for two years yet was making no friends, instead he was becoming a weirdo who would go to nightclubs alone approaching strangers until early in the morning. His family started thinking that the whole training was a scam and asked him to leave. The student told him that his family had pressured him to leave the program yet he wouldn’t do it since he trusted DJ Fuji. DJ Fuji praised him in front of everybody in the fb group(which was rare since he is usually very harsh) and said that the outside world wouldn’t  understand and he was doing excellent and he appreciated how loyal the student was to Fuji. All of this was very scary to me, now that I’ve learned more about cults I realized DJ Fuji is more like Keith Raniere than Tony Robbins.


Overall,I would steer clear from this coaching program. Especially, if you are an Asian or Indian guy or have any social impairment condition. You should find a mentor who is different from your parents and offers you a more humanistic, compassionate and understanding approach. Given how DJ Fuji has all these  ridiculous demands:

(1) not participating in pick up forums

(2) not training with other coaches

(3) never questioning what he says,

(4) rejecting concepts (man to woman) not because of any actual evidence against them but  because he doesn’t like them.


Here are some screenshots another student has sent me, The ones mentioned briefly above but I did not want to read in front of the camera because I was strapped for time.


dj fuji tao of fuji

dj fuji tao of fuji

dj fuji tao of fuji

dj fuji tao of fuji

dj fuji tao of fuji



Watch the FULL original DJ FUJI PUA REVIEW here

Alright, now with that evidence, would you want to take a bootcamp with Tao of Fuji? let Alpha Pickup know in the comments down below! Stay tuned for the next Pickup Review in the AMOG series, we will most likely cover Tripp from Tripp Advice! Is he any good? Stay tuned and find out!




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