Bumble’s Fat Filter You Wish You Knew About

Ahh Bumble, yes Bumble, Tinder’s bratty little sister hookup app. Not too much is coming out in news about Bumble these days about this casual hookup app but one thing is certain… I’m about to share with you how to INSTANTLY swipe left on all those fatties before they even fill up your XL screen.


I wish more guys knew about this but it’s one of those things where I’m like “yeah, this is why I get paid the big bucks.” because it’s these minor details that really go a long way.


Unlike Tinder, there is a setting in the app that is like diet pills to the app. After you change this setting, you’ll find most of the women on Bumble are more fit and in shape.


Like 80%, geez, its not perfect… BUT it will save you lots of time swiping left and right trying to fix the your elo score you messed up because you accidentally swiped right on that Ox a week ago.


Rather than deleting the app, or even deleting your account like you dreadfully have to with Tinder – Here are the settings to drop that BMI score on your Bumble.


Obviously, it makes sense that people out of shape wont be active… Like I said, it sure isnt 100% accurate but it is one of those things where it’s like, why not have this setting? It wont do anything besides help you. Unless, you’re an insecure dude that only likes fat bottom girls.

Notice, I also have a height setting on there set as well, you can do that too but I wouldn’t set too many settings because it is better to have as least amount of settings as possible so people still show up on your account and filter through them out manually, as stated before. It’s not perfect and you could be locking people out unintended. Obviously weight is a big one for guys…(no pun intended) So that is why I brought that up specifically.

After dropping this knowledge bomb, I know of a few guys that dropped Tinder all together for this silly little setting in resistance to the Tinder elo score. So, Kudos to you Bumble. If only Bumble or Tinder had a Catfish toggle as well… Gotta go! Now it’s time for me to drizzle my honey on some ladies.

Nate D

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