Best Hotels for Single Guys in Vegas: Logistics 101

Las Vegas PUA Bootcamps… ah, yes. How fun they can be…

Lets start with this, attending a pua bootcamp in las vegas can be really beneficial when youre learning to meet women and learning how to attract women. But you know what is more important than the SKILLS of attracting women?


Even if you’re new to picking up women or a aspiring pickup artist, or inspiring to date more women, by now you SHOULD already know the 4 logistical questions to every set of women you are gaming…

  1. Who are you here with?
  2. Where are you staying?
  3. What are you doing after this?
  4. What are you doing tomorrow?

Asking these questions right off the bat can determine if the group of women you’re talking to is worth staying in set or moving on. These questions are transparent to any city in the world.

Logistics always triumphs game. No matter how good your game is whatever routines and scripted lines your beta male dating coach teaches you one thing is always certain; If her plane leaves in 3 hours and shes just popped in to check out the club you’re not getting it in.

If she went to the club with her boyfriend, you are not pulling her away. If you lives 2 hours away from the club, she wont fuck you in your car and she lives with her conservative parents – you’re not fucking tonight.

But in Las Vegas, things are different than in your city. We have nightclubs literally built into the hotels here. This is mindblowing for some people that visit us. But some hotels are better than others in Las Vegas, most of them are really nice, they smell and look clean but if youre going to las vegas there are some things to consider before booking your room. That is, if you want to make game already easier on yourself while youre staying in Sin City.

Here are some pros and cons to each hotel


Pros: The place is gorgeous and is right smack in the middle of the Las Vegas Strip which makes it the best place to stay if you plan on going to places like Light, XS, and Hakkasan which are on the ends of the strip. Also, it is home to Marquee. A very good club and dominate club to attend in Las Vegas on any Monday. Marquee also has a great dayclub, Marquee Dayclub which is usually a good spot. Its generally open only in the summer but sometimes they experiment by putting a dome over the pool so people can swim while they party in the winter as well. Also, Chandelier Bar is a cool place to bounce girls out of Marquee for. Bottom line, its a stone throw from all the other clubs in Las Vegas.

Cons: The hotel, Cosmo is usually very pricey. Marquee, in my opinion, the lighting in the venue is too dark to really meet women in. To get into Marquee, guys usually have to already have women with them to get in for free. Sometimes that doesn’t even help. It all depends on the performing DJ, how busy the weekend is in Las Vegas, and how busy they are expecting it to be that night.


Encore And Wynn

Pros: Wow, this is a top choice for me if I were to visit las vegas to pickup women. (luckily, I live here). Beautiful place, amazing restaurants with Vegan options at every single one of them. Also, gorgeous bars litter both casinos so you’ll always have a place to do “lobby game” which is aimlessly walking around approaching women in the hotels. Spread across Encore and Wynn there are 3 nightclubs, yeah… you heard me right… 3 NIGHTclubs, not to mention the hotel pools and dayclubs open in the summer. Encore Beach Club / Surrender, XS Nightclub and Intrigue. Intrigue is great on Wednesdays now, Surrender / Encore Beach Club is great on Wednesday and XS is amazing every day it is open, which is Friday, Saturday and Sunday. All of these venues also have outside venues which make it easier to talk to women. The DJs are all great too which bring in crazy amounts of women such as Chainsmokers, Afrojack and Diplo.

Cons: XS is PUA central. That is where every dating coach, their students and their mother go to game women because it is easy to talk there due to the music volume. Although the venue says things like “$60 entry to see Chainsmokers” if you arrive a few minutes after the venue is open, General Admission will skyrocket to $100+. Most clubs do this but XS is notorious for it. If youre looking to go on the guestlist to any of these clubs, then you have to either have to have women with you, normally a 1:1 girl/guy ratio on any night.


MGM Grand

Pros: centrifuge is a really chill spot to hang out while you wait for Hakkasan to open up. Level Up is also a great place to pregame at because they have things like beer pong tables, Jenga, giant Pacman arcade games. It is also where the MGM Mansions are (which is $10k a night by invited guests only) so you’ll most likely be in proximity to Vegas’ heights rollers. The rooms are crazy nice to pull to. The MGM Grand is cool but it’s located more on the south end of the strip which is even farther from the other dominate clubs like XS, Intrigue and Encore Beach Club / Surrender. Hakkasan, is usually free for guys and guy groups. They welcome them all with open arms. Performers at Hakkasan are crazy good such as Tiesto, Lil Jon, Calvin Harris, Zedd, NGHTMRE. Hakkasan is clearly the best club to get VIP. Calvin Harris, and Tiesto bring all the girls too. MGM is also home to Wet Republic which is open in the spring and summer. Wet Republic has the best food in any dayclub and is where (in my opinion) all the baddest and boujeest women go which is usually free to attend unless you’re going to see Tiesto on a Saturday. This is my favorite dayclub to go on a Monday.

Cons: Even though it may be free to see Zedd or Lil Jon, it comes with a price at Hakkasan, it normally fills up with majority of men because most guys don’t want to pay an arm and a leg to see Diplo or Chainsmokers where it is at least 1:1 ratio of guys to girls so they go to Hakkasan. With that being said, it also comes with the names of Cockasan for being a sausage fest. It often is even called Hakkastairs because like the never ending Mario 64 stairs, that you may be asked to take 3 flights down because the elevators can get backed up for VIP. so make sure the girl you’re pulling back to your room is wearing heels because she may have a long walk. Most of the time you can take the elevator though.


Circus Circus

Pros: Very cheap and inexpensive most nights. Some nights you will see a room for only $25. Also, very close proximity to Wynn and Encore so it would be a very quick Uber ride when you’re pulling from XS, Encore Beach Club / Surrender and Intrigue. Parking is FREE so if you’re driving from Los Angeles to game women then you’re good to go.

Cons: Run down, so many kids. It is a one of those casinos that has been around so long and everyone knows vegas for but they don’t go see. There are a lot of carnival stuff so it tends to attract a lot of kids. Adventuredome is cool for October because they have a Halloween theme but it attracts kids any other time of the year. It is a massive kidsfest and does not have any nightclubs built into it.


Mandalay Bay

Pros: Foundation Room can be super romantic if you can pull a girl there. Most “skyline” pictures of Las Vegas are taken from here, including the main picture of this blog! Foundation Room also usually hosts upscale lounge parties like lawyer or doctor meet and greets to do some great networking while you have an amazing view of the strip. Skyfall is another rooftop place that has a gorgeous view of the strip but it is more like a bar/restaurant vibe to it with an outside patio not really the ideal place to pickup women but i gotta hand it to them, Skyfall has the better view of the 2 venues. Light and Daylight / Eclipse are amazing venues to pickup women inside of Mandalay Bay, This is the best place to rent a hotel room on on the south end of the strip if you don’t want to settle for MGM Grand. Some nights like when they have Rick Ross or Tpain they pack the place. They normally also load everyone up on the guestlist who check in with comp drink tickets. If you have an established social circle in Las Vegas then Light is the easiest place to get comp table service at as well. Eyecandy is a great place to network in general or to find yourself a rich cougar.

Cons: Mandalay Bay is on the far south end of the strip so if you plan on pulling a girl from Hyde or Marquee or XS you might be better off getting her to go back to her hotel instead. Light is a hit-or-miss venue, it’s usually a “let’s start at Light then go to intrigue later” venue on any Wednesday night. Light has a lot of club crawls go through on any night which fills the place up then makes it empty at a certain point because they move to the club/bar. You also have to pay for parking as well, just like most MGM owned locations.



Pros: Home of Hyde nightclub, Bellagio is pretty boujee. You get local celebrities that aren’t DJs coming in all the time such as Floyd Mayweather, the UFC Diaz brothers love going to Hyde. on Tuesdays, when Hyde is open, if people aren’t going to Omnia, or Drais, you’ll most likely find them at Hyde because the women get open bar usually. Bellagio is in the middle of the strip so if youre going to be going out to all of the best clubs in vegas at least you will always be in the middle with a nice view.

Cons: Hyde is really, really small so the capacity will fill up quick, if they can fill it. When it comes to Hyde there are better places to be going on a Tuesday night which is their best night. Parking can be annoying and hard to find sometimes. The hotel either has high rollers or full of kids and families to see the lobby and all of it’s art. Not the ideal place to day game at all. The hotel itself can be just so full of people because it is a popular place but the demographics for attractive women usually aren’t there.


Caesars Palace

Pros: Home of Omnia nightclub and Calvin Harris, great hotel to stay if you plan on pulling from Omnia which is open Thursday – Sunday. Thursday and Sunday, Omnia is just partially open unless it is a holiday weekend. You also have upscale lounges all over the place in this hotel. Omnia has by the best venue atmosphere with it’s $10,000,000 moving chandelier that drops down from the ceiling and moves to the music. They tend to keep the girl/guy ratio pretty good at Omnia. Caesars Palace is also somewhat in the middle of the strip but slightly more north than Cosmo if you want that extra 5 minute logistics edge over staying at the Cosmopolitan when pulling from XS, Intrigue, Surrender / Encore Beach Club. Getting into Omnia is usually free with a ticket or on the guestlist.

Cons: Every guy wants to stay here just so they can say that lame ass dad joke from The Hangover… I don’t even have to say the joke. Omnia can be crazy expensive to get in and the lines can get crazy long. When I worked at Hakkasan Group (which owns Omnia) I would always hear complaints about waiting in line for like 2 hours.



Pros: It is in the proximity of Mandalay Bay down by the south end of the strip if you want to be close to Light Nightclub or Hakkasan at MGM Grand. This is a budget hotel most nights especially in the winter but still looks really nice for the price. If you get lost in vegas all you need to do is just follow the giant beaming light in the sky when you’re outside and sooner or later you will find your way back to your hotel. So if you have a poor sense of direction, this may be ideal for you.

Cons: It is not always cheap, and yes, you do have to pay for parking which is super lame. It is a real “touristy area” not ideal for daygame like the Titanic exhibit. Also, Luxor is known for being the budget place in Las Vegas. The diagonal elevators can sound and act creepy and sound like they are going to break every time i have gone on them, it can also be pretty bumpy going up to your room. Only some elevators go diagonal. Lastly, Luxor has 0 clubs in it which means it doesn’t have the best logistics, just for those trying to save a couple of bucks.


In Conclusion

There you have it, It is NOT a complete list of all of the hotels on the strip but it is a damn good start. As for the rest of the hotels though I may like them and they may be cool to stay at I just wanted to list out the best options you may have when it comes to pulling women back to your hotel and which clubs you may want to hit up because of logistics. As I stated before. Logistics is very important, I remember I tried to pull a girl back to my place from Hakkasan but the issue was instead of taking her to her room in Excalibur which was full of her other friends I wanted to take her home back to my place. At the time I lived about a block from the strip (Across from The Palms). And she freaked out and thought I was going to kill her. Tourist feel comfort on the strip and usually want to stay on the strip which is why I never recommended any hotels not on Las Vegas BLV (The Las Vegas Strip), especially if you plan pulling women back to your room.

Myself, I live in Las Vegas and live 10 Minutes away from The Strip and Fremont Street for easy logistics when pulling women back to my place. Since I moved here I always lived as close as possible to the strip for that reason because I know logistics is crazy important when picking up women in ANY city. I’m sure if you’re pumped about picking up women in Las Vegas, if you want the best results possible, sign up for an Alpha Pickup 3 day bootcamp and cut off that learning curve.

Nate D

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